Death Saving Bros – An Actual Play 5e Dungeon & Dragons Podcast Test Run

My friends and I have been getting together every Sunday for almost two years now to play Dungeons & Dragons 5e. We’ve had a blast doing it, and we want to share that fun with others.

Ralvaria is a world of intrigue, schemes, and magical beings. It’s no place for the unprepared… Too bad our players didn’t get the memo! Join us every Tuesday for a roleplaying podcast focused on creative storytelling and brought to life through irreverent humor and memorable characters.

Ep. 8 – Cases of Mistaken Identity and Fully Assembled Chairs

The fake orc who carries the black arrows with red fletching is finally within the grasp of our adventurers, but he certainly won’t go down without a fight! Join Ambienitus and Brixeus Hammerbottom (Brad Richards and Ben Renfro), Dosh Johnson (Matt Smith), and Revan Dawntreader (Eric Nemeth) as they continue their adventures in Ralvaria, led by Dungeon Master Paul Camper. Catch up on previous episodes at

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4 thoughts on “Death Saving Bros – An Actual Play 5e Dungeon & Dragons Podcast Test Run”

  1. Just got done with the first episode. Hilarious, vulgar, and entertaining. Can’t wait to hear how you all develop as you continue to play and cast. Was a little hard to follow along at first, but once the adventure started it got easier to stay invensted. Also, always enjoy hearing the sultry voice of Dick Cheese.

  2. I was so into episode 3 that I made an out loud noise of unhappiness…by myself…in my room… at 4:15 am…at the end of the episode. Too short! Good stuff guys. Can’t wait for the 4th episode.

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